Get IELTS/TOEFL,Passport,ID Card, Driving License(WhatsApp:+447459294174) without exam .

  •   Get IELTS/TOEFL,Passport,ID Card, Driving License(WhatsApp:+447459294174) without exam .


Get IELTS/TOEFL,Passport,ID Card, Driving License(WhatsApp:+447459294174) without exam .


IELTS for VISA Application(WhatsApp:+447459294174)without exam online

We can issue you with IELTS/TOEFLE for the following countries without you sitting for the exam

Registered and non registered passport

Registered and non registered ID Card

Registered and non registered Driving license 

VISA, diplomas,different type of English certificates

marriage/death certificates, Complete identify change.

- UK . USA . Canada . Europe . Schengen . Australia . Ireland

- Turkey . Dubai . Singapore . Malaysia . Thailand . Indonesia

- Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iserea,Bahrian

- Chile . Brazil . Mexico . Colombia . Ecuador . Argentina


- Egypt . Bahrain . Azerbaijan . Tajikistan . Mauritius . Sri Lanka


- Japan . South Africa . Zimbabwe . Kenya . Uganda . Zambia


(Fresh & Refused Visas Consultancy)  


Contact for Details and the processing steps



Skype: rollins.wocott




Get passport,id cards,driving license,Visa,IELTS(WhatsApp:+447459294174) Visa,Permit, ETC


Do you have issues with your resident?

Do you need to get or renew your Visa status?

Do you have your driving License that have expired and need to renew it, or get a new one?

Do you need a new identity card?

Do you need a complete Identity change?.


   We can offer you with the services, i wish to let you know we do both traveling and residential documents, and for more details do just contact us with the below details:



Skype: rollins.wocott



feel free to contact via email or call at anytime okay i will be happy to

hear from you.



Buy TOEFL, IELTS, ESOL, WTF, CELTA/DELTA & all English Language Certificates


We deal and specialize in helping you to get registered TOEFL, IELTS, ESOL,


CELTA/DELTA & other English Language Certificates.

We produce TOEFL & IELTS, ESOL, and CELTA/DELTA English Language for you with


ease. Registered In their correct data base


500 AED
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